10 Americans You Won’t Believe Have Scottish Heritage

We really do love Americans here in Scotland, and we love having them visit the homeland of their ancestors but there are always the ones who milk it.

I decided to find a list of famous Americans who have Scottish ancestry.

At Daftynews.com a big part of our readership are Americans and I was told off for only putting Scottish news on so I have decided to have some factual fun with Americans who have Scottish blood.

You won’t believe the ones I found…
it’s unbelievable!

By Scottish comedian Gary Faulds

1. Mel Gibson (aka William Wallace)

The very first YES campaigner. With matted hair, aggressive nature, loudmouthed and with an unrecognizable accent - how Scottish can you get?

2. Seth MacFarlane

Listen, anything with a Mac or a Mc in it is Scottish. In fact, if McDonald’s did Happy Face Meals they’d be called MacFarlane’s.


3. Vin Diesel

Vin’s real name is Vim. It’s short for Vimto. Anybody who drinks Vimto must be Scottish. Plus he’s hard as fuck.

4. Robert Downey Jnr (Irn-Bru Man)

What better way to have a Scottish connection. than being the Irn Bru Man


5. The Kardashians

To qualify for being a Scottish woman is to first have an enormous arse, be an attention-seeker and be married to a man who is fuckin‘ useless. There’s no better Scottish connection than being a Kardashian.

6. Chuck Norris

Known for stripping down to his bare chest and fighting with three or more people, Chuck Norris is the ultimate Scottish ancestral icon.

7. Megan Fox

Around every one girl out of four is named Megan in Scotland and the name is synonymous with having a two weekends-in-the-month relationship to their fathers…if they even know who they are. Also, we have lots of foxes in Scotland. Oh, and Megan Fox is a pure ride. She has to be Scottish, right?

8. Elvis Presley

He came through customs at Prestwick airport – that’s good enough for us.

9. Bill Gates

He knows how to operate a reconditioned laptop. That means he’s Scottish!

10. Donald Trump

No Donald, yer granny might have been Scottish but you’re no gettin‘ in.


We are very proud of our fellow Scotsman/woman in America apart from Donald Trump. We wanted to exclude him from the list. He is only there to show we are not all perfect.





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