95% of British Women Still Don’t Know Their Wheelie Bin Colour Days

Councils to deliver bright pink and gloss red bins to help women cope with the worrying trend in putting wrong colour of bin out on pick-up days.

A STAGGERING statistic has found an unbelievable 95% of British women are still having trouble trying to remember what colour of bin they have to take out, it has emerged.

Despite local councils and private recycling companies delivering calendars and bin guidelines, it’s still not getting through to housewives as millions struggle to remember the weekly rotation by colour of bin.

Bosses at one recycling centre said: “We are working on producing nice pink colours, zebra and leopard patterns and bins with bling because females are obviously having problems with the basic blue, grey and green bins.”

Colour psychologist Lena Hadelstein told Dafty News: “Women are finding it extremely difficult in remembering what colour of bin is to go out in the morning because females do not react to certain colours too well. Even reds, greens and yellows won’t work. Just think of traffic lights.

“The wheelie bins have to have a particular colour or pattern. That way they will remember if it’s the paper/card bin that goes out or the glass/cans bin that is to go out.”

It is understood some areas are to deliver giant wheelie bins that come in the shape of a high-heel shoe and ones that look like wine bottles to help women with their bin colour coordination issue.





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