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Advertise with us and enjoy a wide audience (and growing) with visitors targeted at your products and services.

You could have your business or project linked to us, have your company brand as an advertisement or opt for our more dynamic Special Feature on your business, project, or even person.

Our Special Feature entails a full-spread column about your business but with an attractive edge written by our very creative writing team. See a sample here of what a Special Feature looks like >>>

Dafty News has a following that you could use and what’s more, our terms are extremely generous and well-worthy of your investment and time. E-Mail us now for a quick brief on what our online newspaper can do for your company.

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Visitors to Dafty News come to us daily because they are hungry for comedic and parody entertainment. Some visit to be educated but of all the visitors we have we are sure they are dropping by to receive something worthwhile.

Worthwhile of their time and certainly worthwhile of their space.

Our visitors and subscribers are growing rapidly as a result of the Dafty News being an extremely up-to-date content site guaranteed to provide entertainment.

Advertisers can enjoy the fruits of our visitors because if they come to the Dafty News website hungry for entertainment; we feel we have relaxed them away from the rigours of life. Therefore, a happy visitor is more likely to become a willful buyer. What more do you want from an awaiting buying audience?