Apache Darling, Scotland’s Next Big Band?

The next line of music icons to come from the city of Glasgow might just come in the shape of the stunning and brilliantly-impressive Apache Darling.

Real music fans have big hopes for Glasgow’s Apache Darling.

The electro-pop band was formed by vocalist Stefanie Lawrence and keyboard player Andrew Black; both come from a professional background in the music business.

The name Apache Darling is said to originate from Stefanie’s dad. He was a huge fan of 60s band The Shadows and of course, their most famous hit was called…you got it…Apache.

Their fan base keeps growing and you can hear why in the video below.

Dafty News readers Jacqueline and Mandy from Glasgow said of Apache Darling: “They are an amazing band. Their style is so 80s but it works today. We believe they are going to become massive.”

If their first hit is anything to mark a judgment on, there is every chance this highly-talented band are going to go all the way.

Peter in Hamilton near Glasgow said of Apache Darling: “I really do hope they make the big time because it will be a big thumbs up for real music and real music fans and a reality check for X-factor lovers. This is real music.”

In the not too distant future we hope to do a full feature and hopefully an interview but for the meantime have a check out at Apache Darling’s tremendous single More Than Me.

For more on Apache Darling see the following:

Website http://www.apachedarling.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/apachedarling

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