Aquarius Horrorscopes for 2016


The year will be filled with love, passion and excitement…but only in the movies. You thought you were onto a good thing there, didn’t you? Well, sorry to disappoint you but you are onto plumbs in 2016 when it comes down to love. Your whole year will be spent searching for something that will never happen so let me save you the heartache right now and advise you to stay single.


2015 was a bastard of a year and 2016 will be even worse. Life has only one chance, there is no rewind, pause or second glance. You should grab every opportunity that comes your way in 2016 but don’t expect anything to come out of them. Life at the beginning of the year will start out in full-blown misery and will end full-blown misery so do you want to know what happens in the middle of the year? or shall I spare you the horrors?


So far you have never had a career so what makes you think you will end up with one? Nothing ever happens to those who don’t make at least some kind of effort in their working environment. I would suggest sticking to packing shelves, driving a taxi or emptying bins for demented folk like yourself.

All about Aquarius:

Nothing compares to an Aquarian. You are lazy, shallow-minded, and you don’t have an opinion or a thought. All the horoscope writers and astro professionals the world over struggle on a daily basis to write your daily, monthly and yearly future because you do nothing, you say nothing, and you think nothing. You are the nothing star sign and a good reason why you will find your stars at the bottom and last place almost in all the magazines you read. Aquarians shouldn’t have a star sign at all. You are only on the lost because without you the zodiacs would accumulate to an odd number.




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