Award-winning Scots Comic Returns For a One-Off Solo Extravaganza

SCOTTISH comedian J.D. Brown is about to unleash a rare solo show close to his hometown with recommendations of snapping up tickets quick; for what could prove to be a landmark finale for one of the country’s most controversial and highly-regarded stand-up comics.

Since bursting onto the scenes only a couple of years ago J.D. Brown has sparked intrigue, attracted some impressive reviews, and even found himself embroiled in feuds, causing fall-outs with many of his contemporaries.

But one thing J.D. has aside from the obvious talent and ability to make people laugh is his honesty. Perhaps at a fault, some might say, but there can be no holding back when one has a view or an opinion and J.D. has never been one to shirk from the responsibility of carrying the ‘tell it how we see it’ torch.

As one unnamed comedian said of J.D. Brown: “In a world where we crave for someone who has guts and in an environment where we praise cut-throat comedians, it would be a travesty if J.D. didn’t go all the way to the top.”

J.D. Brown’s solo show is one not to be missed.

J.D. goes about his business quite singular. A trait advantageous in a singular and lonely business as stand-up comedy.

The funny man from Lanarkshire has grown both as a man and a comedy artist. A sabbatical away from comedy has been a good thing and has probably afforded a certain reflection on things that can actually spark new and fresh ideas as he explains:

“I know comics on the circuit who have been going for 15 - 20 years relentless and are churning out some of the same material as when they started.

“That’s because they don’t take a break. I’ve never bought into the taking a notepad to a gig and writing material down 10 minutes before you go up.

“That’s again down to never taking a break. Stepping back allows your senses to reset and refresh.”

So, what has life been like after deciding to take a step back from the comedy business for J.D. Brown?

He told Dafty News: “It’s been peaceful. I’ve not had the constant need to check the phone every two minutes to check Facebook or converse with people about gigs and open mic nights. It’s also given me time to know which direction I’m taking in stand-up comedy.”

His decision to relax from the comedy scene in and around his hometown was met by surprise for those who know how good he is as a comedian but why make a comeback and what ignited the decision for the solo show?

J.D. said, “I missed the crowds and that rush of making people laugh.”

A good a reason as any and his comeback show, titled ‘Lines of Pure Council’ is expected to be a show with a packed house and a rush of crowd laughter.

Dafty News spoke to J.D. Brown in a recent interview where he broke things down in terms of his show.

Dafty News: Is your show Lines of Pure Council a one-off or do you have plans to take it on the road?

J.D. Brown: It’s purely one off. I have nothing to prove to anyone other than myself so I decided to put a single show on with all new material and then move on.

Dafty News: What can the audience in your solo show Lines of Pure Council expect?

J.D. Brown: Pretty much stories from my upbringing in a council estate and my dabbling as a stuttering clumsy fuck into the world of recreational drugs and not having a clue what they were or what they did. My comedy is real and it comes from the bleak reality of a scheme upbringing. And I find that in the darkest times the funniest things can happen or be exposed.

Dafty News: Your style of comedy is evident to those who know you and have seen you perform. It’s a no holds barred, straight for the jugular, and brutally honest – which is one of your main selling points. Do you think now, in today’s society where being offended seems to be a pastime, do you feel there is an even more greater need for cutting-edge comedy?

J.D. Brown:  Offense is never given, it’s only taken. And people purposefully turn up at gigs to take offense. Some comics are pandering to that. I’m sick of seeing comics doing 15 minutes of how shite they are with girls. Get up on stage and call people a cunt and say what you want instead of trying to be too clever and playing the “woe is me” card. Frankie Boyle doesn’t fuck about and Jerry Sadowitz is the king of cutting edge but I see nobody else in the circuit anything like it. If I’m like that then that’s just me. I’m not copying them and I’m not copying the masses.

Dafty News: Some big names in the business have praised you very highly, and rightly so, but does that add an extra pressure or does it inspire you to reach higher?

J.D. Brown: I don’t know, to be honest. It’s always nice to be praised by your peers and from guys who are at the top of their game. I gigged with Neil Dougan who said on his Facebook page that he loved the gig and that I was the best newcomer he had seen in a long, long time. That was humbling because I admire Neil and his work immensely. However, the only people I really pay attention to are the people who have paid their money to be entertained. They are the ones who matter. If they laugh then that inspires me to be better and better. If they don’t laugh then it puts the pressure on to make sure the next gig isn’t like that.

Grab your chance to see the hilarious J.D. Brown. Hurry as limited availability on these tickets apply.

J.D. Brown returns to stand-up comedy with his BRAND NEW SHOW.

LINES OF PURE COUNCIL is a brutally honest and hilarious show recalling J.D.’s formative years being brought up in a council estate in Lanarkshire and his experiences of recreational drugs.

A show not to be missed.



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