Bat Can & Robin Tin: The Completely Ineffectual Christmas Crime Fighting Tins of Beans

It was the night before Christmas and all was peaceful and quiet inside Mr Raj Patel’s grocery and off-licence in Limehouse, East London.

Crime fighting duo, Bat Can and Rob Tin, were keeping a lonely vigil from their shelf above the other canned goods and men’s toiletries, when they heard the unmistakeable sound of the back door being jemmied open.

With every molecule of their tins stretched to breaking point, they watched as two masked figures emerged from the shadows, their flashlights probing into the dark recesses of the shop.

The two interlopers then began to load their holdalls with goods from the shelves and the cold cabinet - clearly with no intention of paying for their plunder

The Die-Cast Duo realised at once it was time to galvanise themselves into action and to tackle the fiends before they could make good their escape.

Sadly, they were unable to move from their shelf due to the fact they were tins of beans and had to watch helplessly as the raiders walked off scot free with some bottles of aftershave, a box of tinned chopped ham and pork and 6 cases of Tennants Super  premium strength lager.

NEXT WEEK: The intrepid crime-busters are unable to do fuck all about it as an old lady shove tins of cat food into her coat pockets and walks out without paying





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