Bill Cosby Faces More Charges: Of Impersonating A Comedian

AUTHORITIES in the US have revealed former sitcom icon Bill Cosby has been rearrested and will face further charges of impersonating a comedian, it has emerged.

Sources close to Cosby say he is stunned at the allegations and plans to appeal.

Criminal investigators say the charges were brought about after victims produced evidence against Cosby ranging from ticket stubs from Cosby’s stand-up shows in the 80s to Amazon receipts from Cosby’s DVDs — believed to be from The Cosby Show in which Cosby was reported to have produced and starred.

Prosecutor expert Dan Holdfieldstein told Dafty News: “The allegations against Mr Cosby are serious and could prove fatal for him, if found guilty — which looks increasingly likely.

“The evidence against Mr Cosby is overwhelming with thousands of witnesses saying they’ve seen him telling stories in front of a mic in various positions such as standing up, leaning to one side, and even sitting comfortably on a chair.”

The allegations continue.





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