BREAKING: Pipe-smoking aardvark probable cause of London Zoo blaze

by Danny SoZ

Fire investigators have laid the probable blame for yesterday’s blaze at London Zoo firmly at the door of Misha the aardvark, who was a victim of the incident along with 4 meercats.

Misha pictured during happier times before she was killed instantly in a tragic blaze

A spokesman for London Fire Brigade told reporters: “At this moment in time, all our findings point to a tragic accident caused by Misha’s lit pipe of St Bruno Ready-Rubbed toppling onto the floor of the cafe building where the fire began.

“It probably happened when she fell asleep at one of the tables after a long night wandering around her enclosure. It looks very much as if the contents of the bowl spilled onto the carpet and set it ablaze.

“Sadly, this type of incident is extremely commonplace and reinforces the need for all captive animals to give up smoking as soon as possible”

This incident comes almost a year to the day since a Sumatran gibbon flooded the toilets at Bristol Zoo when the creature fell to the floor in a drunken stupor while hosing down the gents urinal.

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