Britain Set to Bask in Temperatures of 10ºC

BRITS will take advantage of a soar in temperatures as the weather expects to take an unexpected twist for the bank holiday.

Motorways leading to coastal towns are expected to endure tailbacks as families hit the road to soak up the whopping 10ºC heatwave.

Road reports say they expect delays of up to 20 miles and ice-cream sales are expected to hit the £40billion mark.

Spokesperson for The Met Office said this morning: “The turn in good weather patterns in the UK always brings out the inner-arsehole. Even a slight, measly, insignificant, one-degree upswing in the weather can make a Brit go off their fucking rocker.”

It is understood the month of May will see an increase in arsehole-ism after sales in outdoor trampolines and gazebos are anticipated to hit an all-time high as temperatures look to increase to a staggering  13ºC.


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