Brits Urged to Jump Higher on their Garden Trampolines as Temperatures Soar

THE government today has encouraged Brits to enjoy the surge in hot weather by springing as high as they can on their garden trampolines, it has emerged.

The announcement comes just days after sales in garden trampolines went through the roof.

Spokesperson for the Bounce as High as You Can You Fucking Morons told Dafty News: “This is the season for acting like a complete twat. Once temperatures go over the 21 °C mark the whole of Great Britain begins to carry out some really weird activities. We still have no idea what part of the British psyche has adopted the act of jumping up and down on a trampoline into their custom.”

Meanwhile a worrying rise in sales of Speedo trunks has caused widespread panic across the country as temperatures are expected to go up another degree at the weekend.


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