Comedian Forced to Quit Performing After Telling a Joke That Wasn’t Lifted From Someone Else

STANDING UP - By Bryan Oliver

A 24-Year-Old newcomer to stand-up comedy from the UK, who had previously shown early promise, has vented his frustration at the bog standard safe bookings fraternity for performing gags that did not include, ‘being a failure with the opposite sex’, succumbing to the pausing ‘anyway’, ‘erm’, and for bypassing the evergreen,’I dunno…it’s like….’

The promising newbie to stand-up comedy didn’t hold back when he was confronted by his contemporaries after his opinions were attacked on social media.

One Facebook forum member, who wished not to be named, although it would probably help his case in securing regular five-minute spots, said: “Fuck him, he’s a prick. Who does he think he is telling a joke on stage that was funny and new? That doesn’t sit well with the rest of the industry.”

Another active forum user said: “I can’t get gigs on the basis of my talent because I haven’t got any, so I rely on lynching the new guys to win approval with the professional comics who have used the same material continuously for years. This new comedian with his new and original material can fuck right off.”

A few others were approached for their comments but refused to divulge unless certain headline acts had commented and were told what they had said so they could agree with it.


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