Couple under-60 who went on cruise now riddled with arthritis

by Danny SoZ

A husband and wife aged 25 and 22 have told a newspaper, that since arriving back from a 2-week trip around the Balearic Islands on a cruise liner, their bodies have become wracked with arthritis and a number of other, minor, age-related complaints.

Toby and Tracy Dell from Whitechapel told The East London Gazette that along with joint pain, they are now suffering from lumbago, bladder incontinence and partial deafness.

“I can only assume we contracted all these ailments from our fellow passengers who were all quite elderly,” Mrs Dell said.

“It began as soon as we arrived back home. We were walking up the drive with our suitcases when we both had falls and had to be picked up and comforted by our neighbours.

“The next day, the arthritis started and then Toby wet himself on the way back from the bookies.

“Since then, we’ve both started losing our memories and have developed right-wing views. Toby’s even started buying The Daily Mail and keeps complaining about all the blacks in the country, despite the fact that we’re black ourselves.

It is understood that Mr Dell has now been put into a local care home after a number of incidents when the police had to be called after he’d wandered off in the middle of the night in his dressing gown and slippers.



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