Couples Pretend to Enjoy Wearing Christmas Pullovers

WITH ONLY DAYS until Christmas, couples up-and-down the nation have been taking part in the annual pretending they enjoy wearing the damn-awful Christmas pullovers.

Each year couples pull over itchy unfitting garments to impress their friends and peers but in reality they’d rather stab themselves in the eye with a pitch fork, according to thousands of couples.

One couple from Reading in England moaned: “We do it because of peer pressure and to keep up with society’s do what you’re told trend.”

Spokesperson for the Annual Christmas Pullover said: “We don’t wear them as such but we do enjoy watching couples pandering to another useless and meaningless event.

“It’s so much fun watching thousands of idiots wear dreadfully-looking pullovers for charities and such like. If only they knew what we think of them they’d never wear another Christmas pullover ever again.”




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