Earth’s Axis to Tilt an Extra 25 Degrees as Britons Vow to Drink Less in 2016

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS are a real threat to planet Earth’s orbital plane (Earth’s tilt) say astronomers, after it emerged millions of Brits are reducing their alcohol intake in 2016.

According to experts, Earth currently has an axial tilt of approximately 23.4° but by January the 4th it could increase to 48.4° as heavy Brit boozers lay off the drink.

Dr Blumenstein from the University of Leaning Planets said: “New Year’s Resolutions carried out by British people can have a huge damaging and detrimental effect on the planets. In the last decade we’ve experienced dramatic solar and polar changes due to Brits threatening to join gyms and promising to lay off fatty foods as part of their New Year’s Resolutions.

“However, should Britons carry through with their promise to ease off the booze, the planet will endure catastrophes on a high scale magnitude. Plus, many parts of Britain will become miserable, painful and intolerable to live in should there be a healthy decrease in alcohol consumption.”




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