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First off the bat, the Dafty News website is an alternative online newspaper that tells it how it is. We bring you news about the people, for the people and deliver it directly to the people…simple as that! Oh, did we mention that these people do exist and they are real-life people that we know and have given us express permission to use throughout this site? Well, the characters are real when you go through our columnist threads. Aunt Madge, our horroscope lady, our TV programme writer, Dashboard Dougie and of course all our blog reports are from real people. The rest, you will just need to float through our notice page.

We don’t pussyfoot around subjects and we certainly do not conform to the physics of telling fibs in return for thick-handed envelopes and if it’s hacking you’re worried about: we don’t do that stuff…your mobile phone does not interest us.

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Visitors to Dafty News are most welcome and hopefully you will enjoy some news clippings and get to embrace the magic of web journalism where everything goes and anything can get fucked up…if we try hard enough, of course. We have no agenda and we have nothing in common or connection with any other newspaper website. Dafty News is just a daily report on the silly things in our day-to-day life that we feel needs another way of expressing and reaching the public. We do not accept contributions at this moment as we are fully stocked with in-house writers.

Fair Use Agreement:

Dafty News curates new stories under the Fair Use Agreement. All curated material credits sources with links to the original works. We only use headlines, snippets and quotes in the minimum of form for information purposes only to entice visitors to click on the links that lead to the original works.