England Fans Dealt New Blow as Wayne Rooney Fails to Announce International Retirement

FOLLOWING the stunning but well-predicted Euro campaign elimination, England suffered another defeat after it emerged captain Wayne Rooney has yet to make a formal announcement on his international retirement.

The news is sure to add more fury after leading his country to another failed and miserable tournament exit.

Spokesperson at the F.A. told Dafty News: “It is difficult to take in, the enormity and sadness our country has endured, but now it looks like even more misery is being heaped upon our nation after Wayne refuses point blank to announce his international retirement.”

It is understood the England team will suffer more misery after rumours spread Daniel Sturridge could start more games for the national team after going in a huff and throwing his Subway sandwich out of his pram due to the lack of starting positions in the team’s line-up.

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