Family Named and Shamed For Shopping at ALDI

A BRITISH FAMILY of five were this morning named and shamed after they were caught shopping in their local ALDI store, it has emerged.

The family, thought to be from a middle-class background living near a leafy suburb, had previously escaped a name and shame campaign against them after witnesses say they spent over £50 in a local LIDL outlet.

One witness who wished not to be named said the family ‘strolled around the ALDI store as if they were having a great time’ and ‘looked really nice and friendly.’

She added: “That can’t be right, surely? I mean, everybody who goes to ALDI to buy food looks deadbeat and miserable. We can’t possibly have well-mannered families taking over our mediocrity, can we?

Meanwhile ALDI bosses have revealed they are looking into the case and promise to crackdown on anyone having fun in one of their stores…or appearing to look like they can afford to buy their shopping from Sainsbury’s.




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