Fear of killer hedgehog roaming Glasgow prevents visit from Star Trek’s William Shatner

by Danny SoZ

Sci-fi TV show stalwart, William Shatner, has refused an invitation to host a Star Trek convention at a Glasgow community centre on the grounds that a killer hedgehog is at large in the city that could threaten his safety.

Spaced out: the final frontier. Star Trek legend William Shatner terrified of giant hedgehog roaming the streets of Glasgow

Speaking from his home in California, the 137-year-old star told Dafty News: “Normally, I would jump at the chance to visit a great place like Glasgow, but with a killer hedgehog on the loose, it’s a chance I’m not prepared to take.

“As a Star Fleet captain, I’ve been in quite a few sticky situations before, like the time I shot a 3-headed monster that was about to eat Bones with my ray gun, but there are limits I’m afraid and you have to draw the line somewhere.

“Maybe, if the police or the zoo can capture the hedgehog and kill it I might reconsider, but until they do I’m staying put right here.”

Shatner is the second sci-fi legend to snub the city. In 1963, the bloke with white hair who played the original Dr Who, refused an invitation to open a youth club in Govan on the grounds that “the whole area is an absolute shithole.”

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