“Furious” Hodgson Messes Up Joe Hart’s Hair on Team Bus Following Iceland Debacle

A team insider has told Dafty News that England football team boss, Roy Hodgson, was so incensed after his sides 2-1 defeat by lowly Iceland on Monday night he deliberately messed up blundering goalkeeper, Joe Hart’s, immaculately coiffured hair during the team’s bus journey back to the team hotel following Hodgson’s resignation.

The insider, who asked not to be named, said “Roy was sitting up front with the driver, while big Joe was on the bench seat at the back sitting on his own. The atmosphere was pretty strained and no one was talking much to be honest.

“Suddenly, Roy stood up and strode down the aisle towards Joe. He looked absolutely furious and his ears were bright red.

“To everybody’s amazement, he starting scruffing up Joe’s hair with both hands before giving him a hard clump round the ear.

“He started effing and blinding, calling Joe “a useless c**t” and that his nan could have saved the shot that gave Iceland their second goal. Then he accused Joe of costing him 1.3 million quid in wages and told him that he’d tell the next boss what a c**t Joe was and that he’d never be picked for England again”

At this point, Joe started crying but Wayne Rooney stepped in quickly and soothed the big fella by combing his hair and putting a bit of gel on it.”

Hart was refusing to comment last night, but Hodgson told us: “Don’t talk to me about that two-bob arseole. If I’d had a set of clippers on me I’d have shaved his f*****g head”




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