Glasgow anti-boxing man held for domestic violence

by Danny SoZ

A 45-year-old Glasgow man who regularly speaks out against the sport of professional boxing was last night arrested at his home and charged with assaulting his wife after neighbours raised the alarm when a heated argument. between the couple developed into violence.

The unnamed man is believed to be a strong anti-boxing lobbyist who regularly writes to his MP on the subject and sends letters to newspapers, demanding an end to what he believes to be the barbarity of the professional fight game.

The man’s wife was admitted to hospital and later discharged after being treated for facial injuries and a mild concussion

In other news, a vegan woman from Bow in East London was arrested last night after police raided her home following a tip-off and discovered a halal abattoir in her conservatory.

Editor’s Note: If you’re male and toying with the idea of raising your hand to a woman, it might be an idea to not do it in plain view of a member of our newsdesk. Absolutely no good will come of it, trust me.

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