Glasgow Comic Turns Notorious Gangster Family Background Into One-man Comedy Show

GLASWEGIAN stand-up comedian Gary Faulds has used his gangster family upbringing much to his advantage; but instead of blasting two smoking barrels from the front-end of a sawn-off in Glasgow’s east-end, young Gary has exchanged the dangerous weapons unit for a more deadlier concoction of: two high in calories, artery-choking, obesity-inducing expanding waistline Yum Yums (a favoured sugary cake enjoyed by many sweet-toothed Scots) as a poster theme for his forthcoming stand-up show - Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Yum Yums, Please

Gary, from the east-end of Glasgow, is fairly new to the comedy scene but not surprisingly his rise has shown there is more to comedy success than just being funny. His drive, passion and enthusiasm - which he has in high doses -  is as infectious as it is necessary. His pursuit to make people laugh up-and-down the country is relentless and extremely impressive.

Being the son of an infamous notorious gangster, it could be forgiven had Gary ventured down the dark mirky dungeons of the untoward. To his credit, Gary decided the best weapon anyone could armour themselves with is the heavy artillery of humour.

His show at this year’s Glasgow International Comedy Festival not only looks to sell out but it will mark a momentous occasion for a young highly-driven man born into an unforgiving world. It promises to be a show packed with great tales of gangland folklore and tooled up with a stock of content from the likable funny man.

Gary told Dafty News: “It’s all about my life as the son of a notorious gangster and I just wanted to be different. Actually my family where so pro-crime; when I was about 8 me and my cousins played cops and robbers and 15 of them picked robber and I picked police. So I got my c**t kicked in for being a grass.”

Gary’s life has many similarities to a Guy Ritchie film. Hence the promo video for his show.

Watch Gary Fauld’s promo video for his 12th of March comedy show

Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Yum Yums, Please

Date: 12th of March, 2016

Venue: Victoria’s Nightclub (Glasgow)

Doors open:  7:30 pm
Show starts: 8:30 pm

Tickets: £10

(£50 for members of Police Scotland)

Purchase ticket here >>>

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