The Grammy Awards 2014

The 56th Grammy Awards were upon us on Sunday night and to say it was a night full of massive performances and worthy winners would be – completely accurate actually. It was an amazing night with a few shocks and surprises (mainly that Robin Thicke went home empty handed) but I can’t complain about the winners and I definitely can’t complain about the performances they were so good, well except Beyonce. I’m sorry but I fail to see the performance in her screeching while she crawls about on the stage with wet hair. Anyway I’ll overlook that because this year’s Grammys were brilliant.

The usual suspects – such as Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake – were, of course, gold gramophone winners on Sunday night but the two artists who stole the show were Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Daft Punk winning an outstanding four gramophones each. Daft Punk shared two of their awards for the track ‘Get Lucky’ with the incredible Pharrell Williams who, by the end of the night, was very familiar with the stage. Not only was he up there getting awards and performing with Daft Punk but he also presented an award with the amazing Anna Kendrick and bagged himself the gramophone for Producer of the Year – way to go Pharrell. New Zealand newcomer Lorde also had a great night picking up two awards for her debut track ‘Royals’ which isn’t a surprise because that song was brilliant. Skyfall done well too coming away with both awards in the Visual Media category. The movie itself won the award for Best Score Soundtrack and Adele’s Skyfall theme scooped the gramophone for Best Song Written for Visual Media. The ever so cute Bruno Mars took home the award for Best Pop Vocal Album with Unorthodox Jukebox which again doesn’t come as a surprise since it was definitely one of the best albums of 2013, although I was a little annoyed he didn’t perform on the night. And the incredible Imagine Dragons won the gramophone for Best Rock Performance with Radioactive and they definitely backed up their right to have that award by performing a mash up of ‘Radioactive’ and ‘m.A.A.d city’ with Kendrick Lamar that was literally explosive.

The Grammy performances are always of epic standards and this year was no different the artists really went all out. I absolutely loved Pink’s performance mainly because I think it’s ridiculously impressive that she can sing while on a trapeze and sing really well too. I also liked Katy Perry’s performance of her new song ‘Dark Horse’ and her stage was brilliant, she went all out with that one. In contrast to the massive performances there was Lorde who kept hers simple and understated, which is absolutely fine because she’s an excellent live singer. Another one keeping it simpler was my favourite Hunter Hayes. He debuted his new track ‘Invisible’ and it was nothing short of amazing I could listen to him sing all day (actually I might have done that before). Now there’s no way I could write about the Grammys and not mention the thing that everyone is still talking about – that’s right I mean the Grammy mass wedding. There’s been loads of controversy surrounding the mass wedding, some don’t like it and some thought it was brilliant. I loved it, I mean let’s be honest who wouldn’t want Queen Latifah to marry them. If you never saw it (which is doubtful) basically thirty three different couples of all ages and all sexual orientation were married at the Grammys by Queen Latifah while Macklemore &  Ryan Lewis sang with Mary Lambert and Madonna. Who wouldn’t want that! It was so good, I’m pretty sure I even saw a tear in Keith Urban’s eye. And you better watch out John Mayer we all seen Katy Perry catch that bouquet. I said it before and I’ll say it again it was an all-round fantastic night at the Grammy Awards 2014 and I have no doubt that the 57th Grammy Awards will only bring bigger and better to the stage. Rachel

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