Holidaymakers Begin ‘French Air Traffic Control Strike’ Countdown

BRITISH holidaymakers were today counting the weeks to the first air traffic controllers’ strike of the year, which is expected to bring air travel to a chaotic carnage standstill for the 25th consecutive summer season.

Family-of-six, the Harrows, from Sussex in England, said they booked their holiday in the sun at the beginning of the summer season in the hope it would coincide with the annual two weeks’ strike by ‘those French bastards’.

Alison Harrow told Dafty News: “Yeah, it wouldn’t be a typical Brit fortnight get-away if we weren’t stuck in an airport lounge to endure a 16-hour delay surrounded by my sweaty husband and my screaming four fucking kids.”

French Air Traffic Control HQ said this morning: “Today marks the countdown to when we all pretend we want better conditions but in fact we just down tools to fuck the Brits up. It’s such a pleasure watching all those little island monkeys all gather in airports and watch them accept anything and everything that is thrown at them. Silly fuckers.”





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