Hooligans Break Bottle Throwing Record After Another Night of Clashes in France

ELEMENTS of ‘fans’ supporting the England national team in France have been invited into the Guinness Book of Records after at least 1 million beer bottles were thrown during clashes with locals, rival fans and police authorities, it has been reported.

Spokesperson for the Guinness Book of Records told Dafty News earlier this morning: “It is unprecedented. We calculate over 1 million empty beer bottles were thrown at police alone so this is quite an achievement. This incredible feat is an increase on the last time England played in a major tournament in Europe.”

It has also been reported that 500,000 bar stools and chairs were hurled through the air missing their intended target, and an increase of at least 90% in bare-chested, knuckle-dragging morons with two-digit IQs, marched through the streets of Marseille showing off misspelt tattoos and only managing to chant one line from their national anthem because they are too thick to know the rest of the lyrics.

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