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Almost Human is Beyond Fantastic


Almost Human - pure Sci-Fi Gold

Almost Human is the latest piece of Sci-Fi gold to come from the genius that is J.J. Abrams. From Armageddon, Mission Impossible, Star Trek and Star wars in the movie department to Alias, Lost, Fringe and Revolution in the TV department – J.J. Abrams is nothing short of amazing at churning out must watch material and new show Almost Human is no different.

The show is set in 2048 and focuses mainly on the character of John Kennex (played by Karl Urban). The basis is that due to the evolution of science and technology crime has risen an outrageous 400% and to combat an overwhelmed police force, human officers have been paired with combat-model androids. Now I know that makes it sound a little bit I-Robot but I’ve seen the pilot for the show and I can confirm it’s not like that at all its actually a million times better and I might even go as far as to say it’s the best new show I’ve seen in a long time.

So going from the pilot I can give you a little info into what Almost Human is going to be about. John Kennex is an extremely talented and respected detective, however he is not very happy (that’s putting it mildly) about being paired with an android as he holds them responsible for the loss of his leg and the death of his previous partner. When John’s Captain realises pairing him with one of the new model androids isn’t going to work (after he throws his out of a moving car on a freeway) she partners him with one of the older, more human, models and his name is Dorian (played by Michael Ealy). John immediately realises that Dorian is very different to the modern androids used in the police force because he has free will and the ability to connect with and convey human emotion. The dynamic between John and Dorian is really good to watch and more often than not hysterical. I had a lot of laugh out loud moments watching the show and some of the one-liners and witty comments from both John and Dorian are incredibly funny and really lift the show.

Almost Human: a futuristic set show with a must-see now. Highly recommended.

Almost Human: a futuristic set show with a must-see now. Highly recommended.

There’s so much about this series that makes it watchable. For a start Karl Urban is fantastic in it which is no surprise for anyone who seen him as Bones in Star Trek (the new ones obviously). It also doesn’t hurt that he is super cool and really good to look at. The awesome tech in the show is brilliant too, some of the things that have been created for the ‘future’ aspect are extremely cool. Add to that great storylines and interesting cases on top of an abundance of fighting, shooting and all round action – what’s not to love.

I defy any Sci-Fi fan not to love Almost Human because it really does have everything in it and then some. One thing I will mention is that I don’t think they take the thirty-odd years into the future thing too far, there’s some obvious improvements to tech, transport and science (especially medical science) but the writers haven’t dwelled on that fact and it’s just treated as common and expected which makes it feel less far-fetched and I really like that about it.

Almost Human starts on Tuesday the 6th of May at 9pm on Watch. Trust me you will not regret watching this one it’s outstanding.

Almost Human Trailer

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