IKEA Recalls Sofa Beds After Reports of Customers Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

FURNITURE giant IKEA has recalled thousands of sofa beds after it emerged customers were enjoying a comfortable and relaxed night of deep sleep.

The move thought to be one of the Swedish companies most daring and expensive to date was prompted after a flood of customers phoned and emailed the company headquarters to say ‘they haven’t had such a great night’s sleep in years’, with many even reporting of soothing back pain relief after purchasing the fold-down beds.

Spokesperson for IKEA told Dafty News: “We simply had no option but to recall our range of sofa beds. Our company strives on a certain quality level and we just cannot afford to have customers enjoying a memorable and positive sleeping occasion. Our sofa fold-down beds are designed for maximum discomfort and a spine-twisting, leg-cramping, toe-jamming experience.”

It is not the first time IKEA has recalled one of its product ranges. Only last month over a million kitchens were withdrawn from sale after it emerged all the plumbing material was found to be of a very high standard and amazing working order.

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