Inspirational Memes a Waste of Time as Experts Call for a Complete Ban

SOCIAL MEDIA is a haven for inspirational and motivational quotes but experts now want to see a clampdown and arrests for those who post images with philosophical text scattered across them.

Meme expert Joanne Tilsbury from the Memeage University told Dafty News: “Facebook is awash with those god-awful inspirational memes. They are taking up far too much space and get far too much attention if you ask me.”

Meanwhile, meme psychologist Chloe Brandstein voiced her concerns when she said: “In truth, nobody lives according to those memes. The best example is the meme that says ‘Live your life as if it’s the last day on earth’. 

“Now, let me break this to you. The people who read shit like this are more likely to get out of their bed very late, stay indoors in their sleeping clothes, remain unwashed and gorge through their days on high volume calories watching daytime crap TV.

“That’s not very philosophical, inspirational and certainly not motivational. The best bit is, the fucker who wrote the meme in the first place is likely to be a big fatty sitting on his indented sofa all day or a fucker hell-bent on preying on others’ lack of life skills by selling a product at the end of it.”

The move comes after Dafty News launched its own collection of motivational and inspirational memes.

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