Jobless Couple Who Won The Lottery Are Now Being Refused Benefits

A jobless couple from Guernsey have been refused a claim for benefits, after a giant win on the Euro millions. They were both said to have been going around local nightclubs and chipping in with their 46 friends for a bottle of Grey Goose vodka.

Mr Williams said: “We couldn’t believe our luck when we received an email from the lottery saying we had won, and when I checked it was true. I have never won anything in my life so when I saw that we had won £23.40 I knew it was life-changing.”

The win had led to difficulties within their marriage as Mrs Williams tried to file for a divorce so that she could get half of the money and leave Mr Williams with their three daughters: Destiny, Stardust and Britney Beyoncé Gaga.

After buying a munchie box the reality quickly set in that they had spent all their winnings. They then tried to set up a new claim but the benefit agency refused to issue one. We asked the benefit agency what they thought about the matter and they released a statement saying: “LOL”.




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