Leo Horrorscopes for 2016


Never before has there been a time to end the relationship you are in now and take a risk on a new one. Be warned – better the devil you know. It would be wise to take the plunge but also very clever to stay in the loveless relationship you are in now. Am I confusing you? Good, then maybe it will keep you on your toes.


Some of us have the fortunate facility to have a choice in life but your star sign for 2016 has well and truly fucked up in that department. Life has so many surprises in store for you in 2016 but sadly none of them are good surprises.


If you have plans to get out of the rat race and step off that hamster wheel then take a step back, think about it, then forget about it. You are the type of person who will fail at anything you do so do yourself a favour and stay inside your comfort zone of struggles and turbulence.

All about Leos:

Lions my arse. Your roar is far more worse than your bite. Often regarded as the strongest and bravest of the zodiacs, the hard fact is: you are wimpish and a bigger coward than that other loser from Wizard of Oz. Put ‘em up, put ‘em up…and get fucked!




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