Libyan People Traffickers Load 40 Cumbrian OAPs Into Rubber Dinghy

Unscrupulous people traffickers, believed to have travelled here from Libya, are cashing in on the misery caused by the floods in areas of the north of England by charging residents of the affected areas exorbitant amounts of money to rescue them from their flooded dwellings, often in unseaworthy life rafts, and even bathtubs, ripped from the homes of the stricken residents.

In one incident, 40 old age pensioners from an old people’s home in Cumbria were loaded onto a 12-foot rubber dinghy and set adrift in the high street without food or water.

One elderly resident told us the traffickers refused to let her take her cat unless she paid half fare for it, while a 93-year-old man revealed that he wasn’t even given time to put his teeth in before being bundled on board.

Fortunately, worshippers at a local mosque came to the old folk’s rescue by wading into the torrent and pulling them to safety. They were then taken inside the building where they were given hot food and drink and a chance to use the lavvy.

“If it hadn’t been for those darkies I dread to think what would have become of us”. One 82-year-old woman told us afterwards.







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