London Man Caged for Shouting at Burglar

A London man was given two consecutive life sentences at The Old Bailey yesterday after being found guilty of shouting loudly at a burglar who had broken into his home in the early hours of the morning in December 2015.

Ted Carter, 55, a postman from Poplar East London with no previous convictions, wept in the dock as the sentence was handed down by Mr Justice Mockery, who recommended that he should serve the full life term with no prospect of parole.

In his address to the court, Justice Mockery stated: “Society in general, and the criminal fraternity in particular, deserves a long rest from your activities. You are quite clearly a ruthless and callous man who is prepared to go to any lengths, including loud shouting, to inflict suffering and distress on anyone you perceive as a threat to your property or your wife and children”.

The court heard that Mr Groves had been woken by a noise at his terraced council home on a notoriously quiet East London estate, and, after arming himself with a rolled up copy of The East London Gazette, had gone downstairs to investigate. Groves then saw James “Jimmy The Cat” Biggs, 34, a convicted house-breaker with over 200 previous convictions for petty theft and assault, rifling through his sideboard.

Groves then called out in a loud agitated voice “Oi what do you think you’re doing? Get out!” whereupon Mr Biggs pistol whipped Groves to the ground, fracturing his skull, before making his escape through a window that he’d earlier smashed to gain entry.

Mr Biggs was later found drinking heavily in a nearby public house by police officers who topped up his pint and gave him a packet of 20 Senior Service.

The arresting officer, PC Toby Dell, 27, stated in court  “Mr Biggs was in an absolutely shocking condition when I spotted him in the public bar of The Bunch Of Grapes public house in Stepney. He looked visibly drunk and was very unsteady on his feet. Clearly the trauma of being shouted at by Groves that night had taken a terrible toll on him. Myself and fellow officer WPC Philbert bought him a fresh pint and gave him a pack of 20 cigarettes to steady his nerves. He then broke down and told us of the terrible events of that evening.

“We immediately called for backup, and along with a number of officers in full riot gear, we smashed our way into Groves’ house where we found him quite blatantly lying unconscious on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood with a gaping head wound. He looked as if he didn’t have a care in the world. It was chilling to witness to be perfectly honest”.

Groves’ wife and children were in hiding at a secret address last night to avoid being targeted by furious local vigilante groups.




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