London Woman’s Shame Following Underpants Tragedy

A Whitechapel woman has been vilified by friends and neighbours after it was revealed that her 9-year-old son was refused treatment by paramedics, following a road traffic accident, when it was discovered the boy was wearing “shoddy and faded” underpants.

A spokesman for The Royal London Hospital, whose paramedics attended the scene, told Dafty News: “It’s every decent mother’s duty to ensure that her child is wearing freshly laundered and fairly new pants when they leave home in case there is an incident of this nature, so I don’t blame the crew for leaving the child to bleed out in the middle of the road one bit. My mum used to check my pants every time I left the house, and if necessary, she would make me put on clean or brand new ones”

Mrs Mary Dell, 27,   of Plaistow Gardens, Whitechapel E1, Tel: 0776456212, who asked to remain anonymous, wept as she told our transport correspondent, “This is absolutely typical of my luck. I normally always ensure he’s got a nice clean pair of pants on in case he gets run over, and then this happens. I’ll never be able to hold my head up in the bingo hall again.”

Last night the child was said to be in a critical but stable condition at the roadside.




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