Man Cleared of Armed Robbery After He Accidentally Put on a Balaclava and Stole £2Million

A COURT has cleared a 46-year-old man of all counts of armed robbery after he pleaded not guilty but admitted he ‘accidentally put a balaclava over his face, fell awkwardly into a High Street bank, threatened staff with a sawn-off shotgun and escaped with £2million.

Jury members had earlier learned of the man’s clumsiness and decided he must have fallen over or stumbled upon something that made him lose his balance.

Speaking outside the court, the armed robber’s defense lawyer made this statement thanking the court’s decision:

“My client is naturally relieved of the court’s decision and would like to apologize profusely for accidentally pulling a balaclava over his head before penetrating the entrance of the city’s main bank before leaving the premises unsteadily with a giant swag bag containing just over £2million in used notes.”




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