Man Hospitalized After Qualifying for a FREE Brian Toy

A 35-YEAR-OLD man from Wakefield in England was being comforted by relatives this morning after his application for a FREE Brian toy from the website was accepted, it has been reported.

Close aide to the unnamed man’s family told our reporters: “Thankfully doctors expect him to make a full recovery but the whole ordeal has been a very, very traumatic experience, as you can imagine.”

According to, visitors to their website can claim their toy by creating an account using the same email address used to take out insurance or credit card.

Doctors at the hospital where the man was being treated said: “The patient became extremely traumatized after he selected his chosen toy but it wasn’t until he used the toy tracker - part of the website where you can trace the delivery details of the toy - that tipped him over the edge. Finding out his FREE Brian toy was in carriage and would be delivered before 12 noon was the final straw and therefore he was admitted.”

Meanwhile psychologists and psychiatrists fear an epidemic in mental problems could explode as more opt for a Free Brian toy.

Psychologist Anna Hoffmanstein told Dafty News: “You really have to question the mental state of anyone who actually wants a Free Brian toy. I mean, why would you?”

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