Man Makes Himself Very Important by Changing His Facebook Profile Pic

A FORTY-ONE-YEAR-OLD man from London tried unsuccessfully to bring the internet to its knees by changing his Facebook profile picture, it has emerged.

The man, thought to be obsessed with trying very hard to become an internet sensation, believed he was making a difference to the world by uploading an image dedicated to his favourite charity but his move backfired miserably after millions ridiculed the poor sod.

Spokesperson for the Anti-Show Off Organization laughed when they wrote on the man’s Facebook: “Congratulations, you idiot. You’ve now awarded yourself the Wanker of the Year trophy.”

It’s understood the show-off man wanted to become the latest self-important attention-seeking moron - also known as internet phenomenon - after reading an ebook on How to Become an Internet Hit.

In the downloadable ebook there are a range of tips to become a fast-tracked simpleton, from blow-torching your lampshade in front of your kids, diving into a frozen lake to impress your equally drunken mates, to organizing a cringe-worthy flash mob marriage proposal video in a shopping mall.




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