Man Treats Wife to Remote Control in Anniversary Celebrations

FORTUNE fell on a retired grandmother-of-twelve after her husband of fifty years handed her a dream gift.

The couple, celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary, celebrated half a century of married bliss with a bash at their plush home attended by all the family, who came bearing stunning gifts of jewellery and a surprise trip on a cruise.

However, the biggest surprise came when the long-suffering wife was handed a golden opportunity to have the remote control in her hands - but only for a few minutes so everyone could take a rare photo of the occasion.

One family member, who wished not to be named, said of the momentous event: “It was surreal to see grandma with the remote control in her hands. Nobody has ever seen that happen before so you can imagine the shock we all had.”

Later on in the day the 70-year-old retired receptionist was presented with another surprise gift from her husband.

After the family departed the retired hardware store owner cupped his wife’s hands around a golf club where he proceeded to give the poor woman lessons in the living-room.

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