Millions Giving Up Lent For Alcohol Drugs and Chocolate

MILLIONS of Brits and Americans get ready to take part in lent with forty days of large amounts of alcohol intake, lots of every class drugs, and gorge on insatiable amounts of chocolate, reports say.

Lent participators giving up the most important thing for forty days: God!

Local Priest, Father McGinley, told Dafty News this morning: “All our congregation promise to fullfil their lent duties by giving up the one thing missing in their life – God – for a return to what really matters to the soul the most and that is getting high as kites, getting completely hammered, and munching on mouth-watering, saliva-enhancing, tasty bars of chocolate.”

Participators of this year’s lent have written to the Vatican to request the lent period be much longer – taking in most of the year.

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