The Mortal Instruments hits the small screen – and it’s brilliant!

That’s right the show that’s been throwing out teasers for what feels like an eternity has finally landed, and it lived up to all of my preconceived excitement and then some.

Shadowhunters is the newest adaption of the Cassandra Clare book series The Mortal Instruments and as someone who has read the book series I was really looking forward to it. Good news, the months of patience paid off because it is amazing and I will go into detail as to why in a minute but first here’s some background for anyone who hasn’t heard of The Mortal Instruments.

The story revolves around, most people would say one but I say, two main characters; Clary Fray and Jace Wayland. In the beginning Clary is a run of the mill girl however, demonic events unfold and she finds out that she is actually a shadowhunter (they protect the human world from the demon world) and turns out her mother is one too – she never saw it coming.

Her mother ends up being kidnapped by bad guy Valentine Morgenstern, such an awesome evil guy name, and Clary enlists the help of Jace (also a shadowhunter) to find her mother.

For the purposes of the show I don’t want to give away any more of the storyline because that’s as far as the show has got for now and just because I’ve read the books doesn’t mean I want to go spoiling the storyline for any newcomers plus there’s nothing to say they won’t deviate from the books in the show anyway.

I will mention some of the other characters in the show though that are important, there’s Simon who is Clary’s best friend and is super in love with her but she is oblivious, he has an important part in the story and is by no means a surplus character.

There is also the siblings Isabelle and Alec Lightwood who are shadowhunters and friends with Jace. They are quite opposite in character with Isabelle being outgoing and confident and Alec quite shy and reserved. The characters I have mentioned become somewhat of a team and demon hunting is the mission.

The cast for the show is, in my opinion, a great match to the descriptions in the book. All the actors chosen are fantastic. Dominic Sherwood who plays Jace is a solid match and has the whole – tough outside, slightly vulnerable inside thing down as well as pulling of the, at times comical, egotistical ways of the character. Also the girl who plays Clary, Katherine McNamara, is better than I expected. I had only seen her in a teen comedy role before (Happyland) but her dramatic acting is not too shabby it would seem because she really portrays Clary well.

I’m sure there’ll be folk out there who read the books and give a gigantic list of ways that the TV show isn’t like the book – you know the ones I’m talking about, but even though there are differences I think they’re for the better. The show is more modern and incorporates ,  things that are more up to date now in terms of technology, for example the use and mention of social media, stuff like that. I’d say given the target audience this show is aiming for and the fact that the cast is predominantly younger, a little technological spruce up is a good idea. It didn’t put me off at all.

I would one hundred percent recommend this show to anyone and in fact I’ve already got people I know watching it too. If you’re a fan of the fantasy genre then Shadowhunters will be right up your street. There’s demons, vampires, werewolves and warlocks, as well as cool weapons, great fight scenes and at all times some kind of mythical adventure. How could you not want to watch all of that?

I will say one last thing and that’s that you don’t have to have read the books to watch the show. They give background and make sure to explain what all the mythical objects, symbols and words mean when they use them. You’ll pick it up in no time and have an awesome show to enjoy while doing it. So go ahead and get involved in the world of demon hunting.

A new episode of Shadowhunters is added every Wednesday to Netflix and the first one is already there ready to watch. Enjoy!

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