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Dafty News Notice


Dafty News website is for readers 18-years-old and older. There may be some profanity from time to time and of course, being a daft news channel we are bound to have some really stupid stuff that kids just shouldn’t see. If you are under 18 we highly recommend you click back to using Bebo or a suitable site for your age. The news you see on this site is not meant to be real. If it is real then we put it down to supreme coincidence. Nothing on this news site is meant to be true, factual or to be taken seriously. The only thing true is most likely the date - although we may get that wrong at times - and our adverts are more tangible than our news stories.

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Notice II

Dafty News is not real news…just like a lot of other newspaper channels. Nothing on this site should be taken with anything other than a laugh. Characters are real with a slight adaptation and twist. They are real people we know in the physical world and have joined us to create the Dafty News website. Aunt Madge, Political Phil, Tam the Bam, Dashboard Dougie, Stoker and Steffi the horoscope lady are indeed real-life people. However, the news stories are fictional and should not be absorbed as anything but fictional.