Npower Send Pensioner £26M Gas Bill to Recoup Ofgem Fine

Energy giant, Npower, who were last week fined 26 million pounds by the energy watchdog, Ofgem, have announced that they intend to recoup their losses by sending a £26 million pounds and 73 pence gas bill to an 89-year-old woman in East London. Mrs Edna Dell, a widow from Shoreditch, was said by friends to be “all of a dither” after receiving the bill yesterday afternoon.

The company were censured and fined  for constantly sending out incorrect bills - some for astronomical amounts - over the last three years, and for harassing those customers who were unable to pay.

A spokesman for the company said: “We realise it’s a hefty sum for somebody living on a state pension to come up with in one payment so we’re prepared to let this woman pay over two years. Presumably, she’s got a home so we’ll make a start by threatening to take her to court if she doesn’t sell up within a month and hand over the proceeds to us as an initial down payment.”

When a reporter pointed out that Mrs Dell lives in a nursing home and, was not, therefore, an energy consumer in her own right, the spokesman replied: “That may well be the case, but she probably doesn’t know that. You know what these old duffers are like. They don’t know whether they want a shit or a haircut half the time.”





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