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From Open Mic Nights to World Star Comparison: Meet the Next Music Hopeful

It is not often a fresh up-and-coming musician has to cope with superlatives and high praise. Those are normally reserved for the chart-toppers and stadia-ready icons. Right?

Singer/songwriter Nicky Murray, tipped to be the next star to come out of the Scottish music scene.

Not for Nicky Murray, the 20-year-old starlet with the distinctive vocal tones reminiscent to the retro days of timeless music.

Nicky Murray is a Glasgow-based singer/songwriter who has grown a following in healthy numbers and recently cut his first CD album and single.

That’s pretty impressive for someone, not so long ago, who was plucked from the branches of open mic spots.

Nicky, then, was a fledgling as he took to the late night streets in search of a gig, often disguising his young teenage years as he navigated around the under-age criteria and watchful establishment. Nicky will do anything to play live. It’s where he feels most comfortable and where he expresses himself best.

Nicky with the amazing Enrico Francese covering Martin Stephenson’s Crocodile Cryer

Music is a long-standing love affair for the talented soulful-voiced musician.  He attributes his mum, Karyn, for sharing the passion for audio and other family members being musically gifted. No matter where young Nicky went, he was always only an earshot away from music. It is not a surprise he chose music as his route of destiny.

He told Dafty News: “I am just lucky to be able to play live, travel around, and meet kind folk. I hope to continue walking on this path.”

Nicky has often been compared to Paolo Nutini. A tag he has had to live with since he first started gigging.

Nicky Murray, often compared to Paolo Nutini, but the Glasgow-based star is unfazed and unconcerned by the likeness and believes he is in fact very different to Nutini.

It is probably an unfair comparison but it still springs a surprise that Nicky is neither influenced by Nutini or worried about the comparison.

He said: “I eventually listened to Nutini. It is not really my kind of stuff but he’s very good. It got to a point that everywhere I gigged people would come up to me and say, ‘You sound like Paolo Nutini.’

I take the comparison as a compliment but it doesn’t have any effect on my course. It did get so occasional that I eventually used to joke that I was Paolo Nutini’s little brother. Just as a bit of banter and to cool the constant comparison I was getting.”

Nicky’s influences comes in the shape of The Incredible String Band and Rachel Sermanni.

Nicky maintains he doesn’t have a particular genre or set style that he sticks to; citing folk, jazz, trad, and many others he would say were on his music menu list.

Nicky Murray’s chance meeting with a music icon led to his first CD release

Martin G Stephenson from The Daintees produced Nicky’s 10-track CD titled, Plenty More Weeping.

The album was produced by Martin under Barbaraville Records and so far sales have been consistently rising.

The fantastic Chloe Rodgers, half of the Pillow Tree duo, and the rock behind Scots singing sensation Nicky Murray.

Appearing on the album is the multi-talented and amazing Chloe Rodgers. A brilliant musician from the highlands.

Nicky and Chloe appear as Pillow Tree together. Their relationship on stage is as strong off stage. Nicky and Chloe are live-in partners.

It’s a duo growing quickly with firm roots ready to take the fruits of what’s to come.

Nicky said of Chloe:

“She is the Jack of all trades and her soul is a thousand years old. I’ll be forever catching up on her.”

Of all the praise directed Nicky’s way, the humble lad who grew up in East Kilbride is often quick to praise the ones who have helped him rise from the obscurity of unpaid open mic nights to being regarded as one of the best potentials around.

Nicky said of his meeting with the Daintees star Martin G Stephenson: “I met Martin through a friend of mine, Chippy. It’s like the universe brought us together. After that he produced Plenty More Weeping, with the wizardry of the wonderful Jim Hornsby.

Martin is a real beautiful person. He’s very real and very kind to everyone. Everyone who talks about him always has full respect and appreciation for his kindness and understanding and he deserves every ounce of it.”

Nicky with the amazing Enrico Francese ‘3rd Wave’

There is no question this young in-demand singer/guitarist is going places. He’s come a long way from being too young to play in pubs and bars but still too brilliant to ignore.

Dafty News would like to thank Nicky Murray for taking the time to be interviewed by us.

Buy Nicky Murray’s single ‘Plenty More Weeping’ by clicking here >>>

Buy Nicky Murray’s Album ‘Plenty More Weeping’ here >>>

Visit Nicky’s Facebook page here >>>

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2 Responses to From Open Mic Nights to World Star Comparison: Meet the Next Music Hopeful

  1. Martin Stephenson Reply

    October 31, 2014 at 1:04 am

    Just a wee thanks to Dafty for doing that nice piece on Nicky, he is a special lad and it will mean a lot to both himself & Chloe to get the respect they so well deserve
    Many thanks
    M G Stephenson

    • Dafty Ed Reply

      October 31, 2014 at 11:44 am

      Thank you very much, Martin, for taking the time to comment.
      It was such a pleasure to feature Nicky and Chloe.
      It was also an opportunity for Nicky to thank some people who have helped make it all possible, such as your good talented self.

      Thanks, Martin.
      You’re a legend :)

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