T in the Park With Ashley Collins

Scots pop sensation Ashley Collins heads off to T in the Park in true star-studded shades style

Scots pop babe Ashley Collins leaves her P’s and Q’s behind but crosses all the dots at T in the Park.

Scots pop sensation Ashley Collins heads off to T in the Park in true star-studded shades style.

Where else do you need your Wellington boots during mid-summer?

Answer: Scotland.

And where exactly?

T in the Park.

Ashley and her ‘mad for it’ crew get wellie-prepared to get rubber at T in the Park.

The annual music festival sunned, rocked, and rained at Balado, Kinross-Shire and our Ashley was on the scene of the crime with her ‘just as mad for it’ friends.

Ashley is our SuperDiva and the finest pop act in the country. But don’t expect a sulky and broody prima donna, Ashley is a true old-style party girl and she’s not afraid to flaunt what she’s got.

She said of the trip to T in the Park: “The journey on the way there was better than the festival.

We had the old skool dance tunes blaring and drank Jack Daniels and vodka in the back.

My friend, who was driving (no alcohol for him) was making handbrake spins when we got in the field. It was so exciting, I was screaming!”

Ashley told Dafty News she was absolutely gutted she never got to see one of her favourites, Example, but she did catch Bastille, Kaiser Chiefs, Tiny Tempah, Above and Beyond and Passenger.

Out of all the acts she reckoned Tiny Tempah was by far the best.

She said: “Tiny Tempah was amazing. His stage presence was on another level. I was on some drunk guy’s shoulders that I’d never even met before. He nearly dropped me about ten times, it was hilarious.”

Ashley and her crew thoroughly enjoyed themselves at T in the Park 2014.

Aside from missing out on the chance to see Example the lovely Ashley set her own one when she was the only person to stay on the Bucking Bronco for the whole fifteen minutes.

T in the Park with Ashley Collins and her Crew

Ashley & Crew soaking in the sun at T in the Park. Left to right (Ashley Collins, Jimbo Hughes, Danielle Ferguson, Laura Smyth).
Ashley’s Crew down to a T: Allan McCarten, Danielle Ferguson, Laura Smyth and Ashley Collins.
Taps aff in the Park with Allan McCarten, Danielle Ferguson and Ashley Collins.
Howdy, cowgirls. Ashley, Danielle, Laura and a girl we just met.
Laid back and cool with Ashley, Nikki, Laura and another T-friend.
Ashley sets off on her journey to T in the Park.
Back to front and front to back with Laura and Ashley.
Side attractions Ashley and Danielle - and Bucking Bronco was quite good as well 🙂
Looks like a rain dance is about to break out. Or maybe they were just praying for more alcohol to pour. With Allan, Ashley and Laura.
Ashley and Laura bring female wrestling to a new level…without even leaving the ground.
Destiny’s Child have nothing on this gorgeous trio: Ashley Collins, Laura Smyth and Danielle Ferguson.
A cheeky pose from the dynamic three: Allan, Danielle, and Ashley.
Selfie of the Day: Ashley, Danielle and Allan. Totally mad for it.
Ashley enjoying the rays.

Ashley Collins in Concert

It’s back down to business for Ashley as she went straight into rehearsals for her own live show at the 02 on the 23rd of August, 2014.

You can see her brilliant performance by getting your ticket before they sell out. Ashley is a proven pop sensation with a growing fan base by the day.

Have a wee peek at Ashley’s amazing work, a true body collection of great pop songs, stunning dance routines and all from a gorgeous down-to-earth Glasgow girl who has what it takes to go right to the top.

Standing on the shoulders of giants is the best place our Ashley to be. She just has to learn not to sit on one when they are drunk.

Get more info from Ashley and follow her on her social network platforms.

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