Passengers on Cruise Ship Still Believe They Had Experienced Adverse Weather Conditions

Shocking reports that a delusional passenger on board a cruise liner was left with injuries, blaming choppy seas and bad weather whilst navigating her way to the bar via the dance floor, a small stage, and the gents’ toilets.

 ‘Last night was the worse night. One minute we were dancing and laughing in the night club. I thought I would get some photos of my friends. Lining my camera toward my friends who were posing, and after taking a couple of shots, I took some photos. Suddenly, the ship jolted to the right and then to the left our drinks fell off the table and onto the floor. I couldn’t believe it, but nothing could prepare me for the sight of my friends who were a pile of bodies laying on the floor.  Bloody weather.’ – Jayne Russ

According to experts, there is a strange phenomenon that happens on board cruise liners that make passengers feel as though they are experiencing adverse weather conditions.

How some passengers experience Adverse Alcohol Conditions

Bad Weather and Rough Seas - Tell-Tale signs:

  • Losing your balance and believing the ship is rocking from side-to-side
  • Falling to the floor hurting your elbow, but you’re grateful for not spilling any of your drink
  • The feeble attempts of those around you who are struggling with the laws of gravity
  • Laughing like an overexcited hyena as you witness someone torturing themselves with their sea legs before they stack it

However, experts are in agreement that all of the above signs are due to a condition known as Adverse Wine Conditions, or if you mix your drinks it’s Adverse Alcohol Conditions.

Professor Max from the Pointless Studies Institute said:

‘After reading through passenger experiences on board a cruise ship, and after a cruise, I believe that Adverse Alcohol Conditions is widespread whether at sea or on land.  Blaming the ship’s tiltage to the left and right whilst riding the undulating swell of the sea after 11pm is brought on with too much to drink, not the weather.’

Adverse Weather Conditions affects many passengers long after their cruise has finished, as powerful gusts of wind have been known to blow a cruiser into the nearest pub.  Freak weather is also responsible for developing the dreaded, ‘Sea Legs Syndrome’ due to the appearance of ocean floors, usually before closing time.

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