Pilot Makes Emergency Landing Because He ‘Wanted To‚Äô

Passengers in a panic after in-flight meals distributed.

PLANE PACKED with holidaymakers was brought to safety after the pilot made an unnecessary emergency landing, it has emerged.

Passengers in a panic as bored pilot pulls a fast one.

The unnamed pilot from the unnamed airline said he was “bored and just wanted to do something different.”

He told Dafty News: “We train for emergency landings but after 24-years of flying a plane I have never had to make an emergency landing.

As I am due for retirement quite soon I thought, ‘fuck it, might as well make one now otherwise I will regret it.'”

All 278 passengers were said to be safe and in good spirits but the pilot continued…

“They are all going on holiday and obviously all very highly motivated. I just felt they needed brought down a notch, you know, just to keep them on their toes.

I am doing the tourism business a huge favour because after a scare like that they will all appreciate their lives more and therefore spend more money and have a better time.”



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