Pisces Horrorscopes for 2016


Single? Out of love? Looking for love? Then hard luck my Pisces friends. 2015 has nothing to what 2016 will bring. Don’t bring yourself down to any levels when searching for love because you are worth more. Unfortunately others don’t see you worth anything so you are stuck at a stalemate. Look on the bright side of being single: you can eat what you want, you ca go where you want and you can do what you want without some arsehole partner blasting you for your movements.


Life’s a bitch for most horrorscopes in 2016 but more so for Pisces. Once the seasonal festivities are all over you can begin to sit down, take notes and re-assess all that you didn’t achieve last year in 2015. That doesn’t mean you will achieve anything but it’s good to once and again sit down and realize what a fuck up you’ve been. The year moves real slow and descends into a farcical Summer and Autumn period. The winter will bring no comfort but a lot of re-thinking and the need to re-hash your life all over again. In all a pretty damp year filled with nothing but disillusion and resentment. Good luck with that.


Career-wise it’s all over for you Pisces people. Accept that your working life and possible career is doomed from the start and you will start living a better life. Dreams are for people who cannot accept the truth or take in some reality in their lives There is no point in beating around the bush, you know as well as I do that you need an incredible amount of flow to be a career winner and as you fishy people are always swimming upstream and against the tide: well, it pretty much tells you you are fucked from the beginning on.

All about Pisces:

You are probably tired of reading about your sign being the one that is always swimming upstream. This is mainly because that is what you are known for. Your life is a constant going against the tide. Pisces are pretty dumb because of all the upstream struggles you are always presented with other easier options but being a fishy sign you are pretty much brainless and follow the Pisces in front of you. Pisces people are incurable. There is no other way to describe a Pisces.





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