Pizza Addict Mum Drops ‘Imaginary 5 Stones’ Thanks To ‘Imaginary Diet’

DEPRESSED, lonely and overweight, 27-year-old mum-of-five decided to change her outlook but nothing worked…until one day she was introduced to the all-new, easy-to-take-part-in ‘imaginary diet’.

The imaginary diet was developed by a health guru who claims you can lose weight simply by thinking about it.

Think your way slim but be warned: technique doesn’t allow for toppings.

Critics say it is physically impossible but the now-happy ex-pizza addict swears by the latest fad and plans to help others deal with their plus size situation.

She told Dafty News: “It really does work. I just imagine I lose weight and the imagination takes over. I am the same fat size now as when I was in my wedding photos, but if I imagine I’ve lost 5 stone then in my head I am as skinny as a refuse-to-eat supermodel.”

The guru who claims he designed the mind-boggling idea you can lose weight by imagining hit back at his critics when he said:

“I have a long list of clients who are happy, satisfied and living life more, thanks to me.

“I even have pot-bellied disgustingly-bloated men who cannot fit into trousers anymore but they believe they have washboard abs.”

When asked how he believes his system works, Dafty News were met by an astonishing reply:

“Well, you can’t tell a 5-year-old kid in a Superman costume that he can’t fly. At the same time, you still have to keep all the windows closed…just in case.”




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