‘Proud Daddy Moment’ Sees Man Successfully Hide His Drinking Habit From His Family

Dad hailed ‘legend’ after pulling off a unique daddy achievement of being able to hide his alcohol intake from his family for a lengthy time, it has been reported.

Describing the man, alcohol psychologist Zoey Steppengerger said: “This has to go down as one of the biggest daddy achievements of all-time. It is very difficult, as you know, to hide your drinking habits and to keep your alcohol out of sight but managing to do it in your own house…wow!”

It has been reported around 98% of British males have a drinking habit but not one man has been able to pull off the complete daddy achievement.

It is also understood that fridge magnets in the shape of beer bottle tops will be available so the proud daddy’s kids can take photos of them and put them on their Facebook statuses to show off their daddy’s achievement.


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