‘Proud Mommy’ Facebook Posts Actually Just Fridge Magnet Achievements Say Experts

EXPERTS have poured scorn on proud mothers who post their children’s achievements on their status, it has been revealed.

Leading parent psychologist Zoe Milfinger told Dafty News: “Mothers have this really weird fascination of believing everyone else will see their kids’ achievements on a high score level as they themselves do. It is completely wrong to make this assumption. Other people don’t really care about your child’s so-called achievement.

“Unless they invented a method to make human beings live until they are 300-years-old and eliminate world poverty then I doubt very much that your kid’s school sports day egg and sppon race is going to tip the Richter scale of achievements.”

It is understood the new term, coined by experts, is Fridge Magnet Achievement.

Dr Milfinger explains: “Well, basically, what it means is, your child’s achievement is no more than a squiggly crayon they make where you feel obliged to hang on your fridge door and secure its placing with a plastic smiley strawberry that has a megnetized strip of metal on the back.”

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