The Fauld Guy Bounces Back With His Hilarious ‘The Fat Man’s Rebellion’ Show

GLASWEGIAN comedian Gary Faulds has certainly lived the high life – and the low.

Glaswegian comedian Gary Faulds looks back on the foundations of his life.

After his hugely successful solo show at the famous Victoria’s Nightclub in the heart of the vibrant city, the east end boy is back with his one-hour hilarious account of his life in the last couple of years, at the same venue.

Dafty News spoke to Gary where he kindly took us to meet his old haunts in the tough sprawling housing scheme where he grew up - which ironically his old dwellings were just about to be pulled down. In true Gary Faulds fashion, timing once again had met the likeable lad square on. Things were about to tumble.

“It’s ironic the flat is just about to come down,” he told us as we sat just outside his old home in Pinkston Drive, Sighthill, in the electoral region of Springburn. “Once the flat is gone (pointing to the derelict building) it’s like a part of your past goes with it.”

There’s a hint of sadness but a sense of moving on as Gary’s old house awaits its final fall to dust. There’s also something very symbolic about watching your childhood home sitting there as an empty shell where once it was full of laughter and hardship. It has a ghost-like quality that has a phoenix rising in its wings.

“I have many memories of growing up here. It was tough but it’s where I’d come back to, to remind myself. It keeps you humble.”

Funnyman Gary Faulds takes Dafty News on a trip down memory lane.

Humble indeed. It is very difficult to meet a more well-rounded humble guy who at one point in his life had the whole world at his feet, lost it, then regained a sense of conscious purpose, to steady himself on his feet again.

Gary shunned a life of crime and literally gave up the trappings and proceeds to become his own man and he has never looked back.

Having aligned himself to organised crime in his past, he quickly found himself circled in another form of organised strategy: religion. However, it was a higher source where Gary finally found himself and his worth - in the world of comedy.

Gary points to many aspects of his life that covers failure and a multitude of highs and lows, but his humility and well-grounded background have helped enormously in his decision making. He is smart enough to utilise the structure and strategic emphasis that he learned during his military days, his criminal backdrop for his sharpened senses, and his affiliation with organised religion has somewhat engrained an inner-peace about the once wild boy.

Has the man cometh the hour? Well, he’s certainly punctual enough.

His show, titled, ‘The Fat Man’s Rebellion’ is indeed just that – it’s a rebellion. It is an inner-demon square go which the Fauld Guy reigns victorious.

A rebellion that has been carefully planned and laid out in such a strategic manner that would make any toy soldier collector to a hardened war veteran extremely proud. A rebellion most of us would love to be able to execute.

“There’s something for everybody when they come to see my show, The Fat Man’s Rebellion,” Gary said.

Having the privilege of getting acquainted with some backstage know-how on his Fat Man’s Rebellion set we can assure the waiting public that Gary has taken every care to cater for everyone and everyone’s life situation. The paying public are in for an awe-inspiring real-life account of his life - and everyone else’s.

“Likeable, infectious, and a damn fine all-around good guy funny comedian.” – Dafty News

With a relentless campaign in full swing, Gary talks affectionately about his childhood and the characters he grew up around. You cannot help but like him and be impressed by his work ethic and his drive to do what he loves best and that is to make people laugh.

“I do it to make people happy. I never think of money because I had money. Making people laugh is payment.”

The Fat Man’s Rebellion is Gary coming back in force. It’s a ‘military precision battle plan’, as the ex-Army man describes. It’s a rebellion we can all relate and aspire to, it’s Gary’s rise from the ashes, it’s your rise from the abyss. It’s a fascinating insight how a humble lad from humble origins rebuilt his life using the foundations of comedy after his domain crashed all around him leaving a trail of rubble in its wake.

Welcome to Gary’s revolution, the self-professed Che Gary Viagra - The Fat Man’s Rebellion.

During our interview with Gary, it was clear in his eyes that his passion is infectious. His story is not only remarkable but one in which we can all have an instant connection to.

If there is a comedy gig worth seeing this year it’s this one.

Knowing Gary is a pleasure. Understanding him is an honour, and watching him perform is a joy to behold.

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Watch Gary Faulds in action 


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